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Cambridge Operations Limited was established by John Barrott in 2006 in order to provide interim operations and project management support to high-technology companies and start-ups. Electronic and embedded system design work is also undertaken by the company, with a particular expertise in GPS and CANbus-based avionics systems for light aircraft.

Following graduation in physics and electronics, John worked in the semiconductor and electronics industries for 14 years before moving to Cambridge to join the Generics consulting group in 1995. At Generics he managed a wide variety of technology design, product development and business projects for many clients. He subsequently joined the board of a technology start-up and then ran this company for five years (as European Managing Director) following its acquisition by a US parent based in silicon valley. Between 2010 and 2014 John also held the position of Technical Director with a Cambridge-based audio technology company.

Cambridge Operations brings specific skills in electronics, operations, process and general management to all client projects. In addition, through a wide network of associates, we are able to assist clients with almost any aspect of product design, IT, human resources management and business finance.

Avionics-related products are designed and distributed through Cambridge Avionics, whose webpages can be found here:
Cambridge Avionics Home Page

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